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  • The Inevitable Failure of Cryptocurrency (aka Long Live Cryptocommodity)
    What a ride for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple. 100% rises over a few days. Flash crashes. Presumed theoretical billionaires. Publicity. And most of all, acceptance. What could go wrong? I have been observing the rise and rise of cryptocurrenies like Bitcoin for years. I’ve talked to people who believe Bitcoin will go to $50,000 and […]
  • 30% Off Everything Black Friday Sale!
    Test PCs. Test Macs. Test Android devices. Test remotely. Test more with these huge Black Friday savings! PC-Doctor is once again offering the best discounts of the year — 30% off everything!!! Service Center Deals Sale active 11/24/2017 through 11/27/2017 The world’s #1 PC, Android and Mac hardware diagnostic toolkit. Used by repair technicians, service […]
  • Introducing Service Center 11 and the all new Service Center Remote!
    Out of the Shop and into the Cloud with Service Center Remote Available as a stand-alone service or used in conjunction with the Service Center 11 kit, Service Center Remote allows you to easily run secure remote hardware diagnostics and manage test reports from anywhere in the world, while providing seamless sharing of testing among […]

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Ask Our Experts
  • Re: DMA Channel/RAM Refresh Fail

    Yes, that is correct, the DMA Channel failure has been known to cause some false positives in the past and this can also be because of certain settings being enabled in the BIOS.

    The RAM Refresh test is also apart of the system board tests but i...
  • Re: GPU test failure WVC07-GIC
    Yes, that is correct, the memory test will run with the full test. However, if you click on the diagnostics tab it will allow you to select and run only the system memory test. This would be a good step to verify no issues are present in the memory. If...
  • Re: GPU test failure WVC07-GIC

    thanks for your answer. The drivers are up to date. I did a full test using PC-Doctor toolbox and noticed only the issue with the GPU test. That means the memory test did run right? Meaning I might have a problem with the video card?

    Thanks agai...

Service Center
  • Re: Upgrade Policy
    Thanks.  I just need to remember what my username was and the email I ordered under was... LOL.
  • Re: Upgrade Policy
    Hey Thomas,

    Sorry for the delay, I had to ask around since we don't receive requests like this often. After looking through our policies there is nothing in writing that would restrict you from being able to upgrade.

    After speaking with my team it does...
  • Upgrade Policy
    I was just curious as to policy on upgrades.

    If I'm still running 7.9 can I get an upgrade to 8.0?

PC-Doctor Toolbox for Windows
  • Re: Install Link

    I have gone ahead and sent you the download link for the latest version of Toolbox for Windows.

    Please let us know if anything else is required.

    Meliton P.
  • Install Link

    I recently reformatted my computer and I was about to re-install PC Doctor when I noticed my download link was expired. I was wondering how I would go about having my download link reactivated?
  • Re: Can not activate the download

    I'm sorry you are experiencing issues with activating the software.

    If you could please submit a support ticket on our website I would be more than happy to assist with your issue.

    Please go to http://www.pc-doctor.com/support/

    Once there, submi...