Monitoring your PC and Android devices has never been easier.
It's all about having the right tools.

Test and monitor your mobile phones and tablets with the all new Android app! The world's leading hardware diagnostic and system information tool keeps your devices running their best. PC-Doctor Toolbox offers you what PC makers worldwide have relied on for years — our industry standard hardware diagnostics, advanced system information, system history, monitoring tools, and more.

Supports Windows Vista through Windows 10.
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Supports Android 4.1 and up.
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Free yourself from the woes of PC troubles. Toolbox automatically monitors key hardware and software components, offering system information with detailed results. Advanced reporting keeps you well informed on system health, vastly improves troubleshooting, and reduces those time-consuming support calls.


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You can benefit from Toolbox if you are a...

Family on the go

Whether your PC investment is for your digital life, or available for an entire family to share, PCs undergo rigorous stresses and use. Yet with Toolbox, computers are well maintained to help them preserve performance and increase longevity.

Small or home office worker

Your PC is essential to your business as a primary tool for your work. Having the proper tools to automatically maintain its efficiency and performance is important to work productivity.

Technicians and advanced users

You are the type who likes to get down and dirty with the internals of your system. With Toolbox you now have access to the same low level diagnostics and system information available to the PC Manufacturers for the past 25 years.

System builders interested in reducing support costs

Your company builds PC's but the support costs are a burden. With Toolbox end users are empowered to troubleshoot their own systems. If hardware issues are found repairs are faster and your customers go away happy!

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PC-Doctor Toolbox

"Must have for my laptop...I especially like the display, which is much easier to understand than the previous versions display...I recommend this app and congratulate AMAZON for carrying such a fine product."
— 5-Star Amazon Review

Features and Benefits

  • Now includes Toolbox Remote allowing cloud based management of all your Toolbox enabled systems!
  • Supports Windows 10
  • Blue Screen Troubleshooter
  • More than 300 hardware tests for all major PC subsystems: storage, audio, graphics, networking, memory, CPU, systemboard, and peripherals
  • Detailed system information to give a clear picture of the current configuration
  • Comprehensive system history shows changes and events that have occurred
  • Status and settings for your backup and security solutions
  • Monitoring of Windows updates, system performance, and hardware health
  • Links to Windows tools and support resources
  • Supports Windows 7 and up
  • Supports English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

  • Toolbox - Dashboardclick to enlarge

    Toolbox monitors key hardware and software components of a PC to keep it running at its best. When action is needed the Dashboard describes the problem and directs you with the recommended actions.

    Toolbox alerts you when critical areas need attention.

  • Toolbox - Hardware Diagnosticsclick to enlarge
    Hardware Diagnostics

    With Toolbox you can now have the same world class hardware diagnostics that have been used by top PC manufacturers for years. Take the guesswork out of troubleshooting so you can get back to what really matters!

  • Toolbox - System Informationclick to enlarge
    System Information

    Knowledge is power! Toolbox provides the most complete and easy-to-access System Information available. Understanding your system components is critical to keeping your system healthy.

  • Toolbox - System Historyclick to enlarge
    System History

    Your system is crashing! You are constantly seeing the dreaded Blue Screen of Death! With Toolbox's System History you can see when your system started having issues, and what system changes occurred just before that point. Revert changes and get your system back to a healthy state!

  • Toolbox - Drive Space Managerclick to enlarge
    Drive Space Manager

    Wondering where all of your drive space has gone? Toolbox Drive Space Manager helps you control shrinking disk space.

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